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Opening times
6:00pm - 10:55pm
6:00pm - 10:55pm
6:00pm - 10:55pm
6:00pm - 10:55pm
6:00pm - 10:55pm
8:30am - 1:25pm, 6:00pm - 10:55pm
8:30am - 1:25pm, 6:00pm - 10:55pm

NHS charges apply, unless you are exempt. Proof of exemption must be shown at time of treatment. Payment must be made before seeing the dentist.

Clinics are held at a variety of locations and times. Attendance is by appointment only.

If you meet the acceptance criteria an appointment may be offered, but if daytime care is felt to be more appropriate, you will be advised. Treatment provided by DentaLine prevents deterioration in a patient's oral health or will give temporary control of pain. After treatment, patients are still required to return to their own dentist, or join the list of a dental practice, for a new course of treatment to permanently resolve their dental need.

The service accommodates patients who have the following dental symptoms: haemorrhaging (bleeding from the mouth); trauma - Following a recent accident or injury; severe facial swelling (affecting the airway or eye); sudden onset of acute pain not relieved by over-the counter pain killers.


01634 890300


We strive to provide the best service possible and would love to find out if you used this particular service to help with your symptom.

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